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   If You're not afraid of getting your hands dirty: order a Service Manual, Owner's Manual or Parts Manual for your motorcycle, scooter or ATV through OtoMechanic NOW!.

Assembly Manual - Manual including text and illustrations documenting every step of the factory's process in putting your vehicle together.
Body Manual - Manual that some factories issue for the repair of body components.
Electrical Wiring Diagram - Specialized manual for diagnosing and troubleshooting electrical and vacuum problems you may have with your vehicle including illustrations.
Factory Manual - Official manual issued by the manufacturer of your vehicle and is the most complete, authentic manual to purchase for your vehicle.
Fisher Body Manual - Manual that covers body and interior service from the dashboard to the rear of your vehicle.
Owners Manual - Guide to operating your vehicle. Usually found in the glove box of your vehicle.
Parts Interchange Manual - Identifying parts on your vehicle that might be the same as those on other vehicles and can be interchanged. This is excellent information when searching through wrecking yards.
Parts Manual - Used by the parts department of the dealership identifying every part of your vehicle down to each nut, bolt, and washer, with its corresponding part number.
Sales Brochure - Promotional magazine or flyer available from the dealership when purchasing a new vehicle.
Service Manual (also called "Shop Manual" or "Repair Manual") - A shop/service/repair manual is a guide to diagnose, repair and rebuild your vehicle.
Supplement - Additional service information that was not included in the original full factory service manual.

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